Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Arrival of the Aristocrats

Why, I seem to be quite the elitist, don't I? Don't fret; I'm not. I'm a normal girl with normal dreams. Scratch that. You see, I don't exactly have any dreams as of now, and it's evident that most people don't during their youthful ages. But I'd love to have a dream - wouldn't everyone?

To be an aristocrat:
The reason I chose to base this blog off of the idea of aristocrats is because I find them to be very motivational. Not like elitists, no, but as powerful people that others look up to. Aristocrats are powerful people at the top of the social hierarchy. But that's literal. Anyone can be an aristocrat - a figurative one. 

That being said, this blog will mainly be to help and inspire those in need of, well, inspiration. I myself am in desperate need of motivation to step up and search for my strong points and for my weak points. So why don't you hop on board and join me in a journey I like to call 'Life'?